Top three takeaways from NSGC 2019

Read on for important highlights from the annual conference
hosted in Salt Lake City, UT.

The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC)'s mission is to advance the various roles of genetic counselors in health care to ensure the availability of quality genetic services. One way they do this is through education at the annual conference.

Here are our top three takeaways from NSGC’s 38th National Conference.

Progenity NSGC Takeaways

#1: AI doesn't have heart. But genetic counselors do!

Past president, Mary Freivogel, spoke candidly about artificial intelligence (AI) in the opening plenary session. She agreed that it’s natural to see AI as competition, but encouraged genetic counselors to find a way to “work with it.”

Ultimately, Mary sees AI as a way to “spend less time on rote tasks” and “elevate your practice” by focusing on counseling (showing heart!) and exploring new opportunities. Learn more about AI by reading this article in the National Center for Biotechnology Information about technology and genetic counseling,"The future is now: technology's impact on the practice of genetic counseling."

#2: Universal testing may mean changes for informed consent.

A debate on whether all women with breast cancer should be offered genetic testing ended with us feeling this: we’re not there, but someday we will be. Through this debate, we were forced to imagine a world of universal testing where informed consent may not happen. This is similar to automatic testing for colorectal cancer biomarkers, argued medical oncologist Mark Robson.

#3: Risk for burnout in the GC profession is an increasingly hot topic.

See below for highlights through the years.
September 2019
The Me-GC clinical trial started to assess the benefits of meditation for GCs.

August 2019
NSGC president, Amy Sturm, announces to members that her word for 2019 is “calm.”

July 2019
A review article suggests GCAs are a potential solution to burnout.

October 2018
A study was published highlighting the benefit of mindfulness among GCs.