Talk to a Genetic Counselor

As a part of the testing process, we provide access to board-certified genetic counselors to discuss patients’ test results and consult with healthcare providers. Our genetic counselors work as part of the healthcare team by serving as educators and acting as a resource for both patients and clinicians.

To speak with one of our board-certified genetic counselors,
call +1 855-293-2639, option 3 or email

Available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern time

What is a genetic counselor?

Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals with advanced education in both medical genetics and counseling. They are specially trained to help patients understand complex medical information and to support the decision making process.

How can a genetic counselor help me?

If you are a patient who has had testing through Progenity, our board-certified genetic counselors can help you understand your genetic test results and navigate your next steps. They provide clear information about the risks, benefits, and limitations of testing and can help you learn about follow-up testing or other next steps. They are here to help you to make informed medical decisions.

What other resources are available?

Comprehensive genetic counseling is also an option you may want to consider before testing. Ask your healthcare provider for information about genetic counseling resources that are available to you. You can also find a genetic counselor through the National Society of Genetic Counselors.

Is there a cost to speak to a genetic counselor?

No. Access to genetic counselors is provided as part of the testing service for all Progenity patients and healthcare providers.