Learn about Cost and Coverage

Learn about Cost and Coverage

Genetic testing helps you and your family prepare for life. That’s why we’re committed to making it accessible and affordable for everyone.

Insurance Claim

We accept all insurances. We are in network with many plans. See the current list here.

  • We’ll file an insurance claim with your health plan, and they will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB is not a bill.
  • Our claim amount is based on established rates that are set by the government or your health plan.
  • We work with your insurance on coverage and will appeal the claim on your behalf, if needed.

Patient Responsibility

Your health plan assigns your patient responsibility (the amount you owe) based on your deductible and other factors.

  • In our experience, most patients are assigned no patient responsibility by their health plan.1
  • When a patient responsibility is assigned, we see that the average is $100 to $250 when deductibles are met. If you haven’t met your yearly deductible yet, the amount you pay will likely be higher, and will go toward your deductible.
  • If you have no insurance or choose to pay out of pocket, self-pay pricing is available in most states. Call us for pricing.

Progenity Cares

We are required to collect patient responsibility amounts. After we send an invoice, we’ll call you to review your financial assistance options. You may qualify for financial assistance based on household income. Visit our Progenity Cares page for more information.

We’re here for you.

Healthcare billing is complicated. Our team is here to help.
Call us at 855-293-2639, option 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept all types of insurance. We are a participating provider with many major health plans, state Medicaid programs, and Medicare. However, we may not be an in-network provider for your health plan. See our in-network health plan list here.

After the tests selected by your healthcare provider have been completed, you may receive a document from your health plan called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB is not a bill. It summarizes the status of our claim to your health plan. This can change over weeks or months as we submit for payment from the insurer. If you have questions regarding the amounts shown on your EOB, please call us at 855-293-2639, option 4.

Please call us at 855-293-2639, option 4, followed by option 2. Our billing specialists can provide the procedure codes for the tests you are considering.

In some cases, the health plan may send reimbursement directly to the patient, instead of to Progenity. If you do receive a check from your health plan for our laboratory services, please call us at 855-293-2639, option 4, for instructions on how to forward the payment.

If you need to mail a payment to Progenity, please send it to:
Progenity, Inc.
PO Box 674425
Detroit, MI 48267-4425

Pay Online
  1. Progenity, Inc. internal data