Learn about Cost and Coverage

Learn about Cost and Coverage

We’re committed to making genetic testing accessible for everyone.

Our goal is to help you prepare for life.

We understand that healthcare costs can be complicated. That’s why we offer:

  • Transparent billing
  • Support for your questions
  • Payment options
  • No surprises

Personalized cost estimates

We’ll ask your health plan for an estimate of your cost share up front. Most people are assigned a cost share of $250 or less. If your estimate is higher than $250, we’ll text you. From there, you can call us to review your payment options.

How it works

1. Specimen Collection
Your healthcare provider orders your test, collects your sample, and sends it to our laboratory.

2. Cost Share Estimate
We get an estimate of your cost share from your health plan. If it’s $250 or more, we’ll text you. When you call us back, we can discuss payment options.

3. Results are Ready
We process your test and send a report to your provider.

If you have insurance

Like all other healthcare services, we submit a claim and your health insurance plan decides what your cost share will be.

  • We accept all insurances. We are a participating provider with nearly all plans, and testing is typically covered by insurance. See if your health plan is in-network.
  • No surprises. If your cost share is estimated to be more than $250, we’ll contact you.
  • You have options. Among them, you can see if you qualify for financial assistance, select a payment plan that suits you, or pay for the test in cash.
  • We bill you later. If you choose to pay through insurance, we’ll send you a bill once your health plan confirms your patient responsibility.
  • Support is available. We offer financial assistance and zero-interest payment plans.

If you don't have insurance, you still have options.

  • If you choose to pay out of pocket, self-pay pricing is available.
  • We offer zero-interest payment plans. You can spread out your cost by paying at least $25 a month for up to 36 months.
  • If you are experiencing financial hardship, financial assistance is available through Progenity Cares.

Need help finding the best option for you? Call us at 855-293-2639, option 4.

Progenity Cares

Worried about the cost of testing? We understand. That's why we offer financial assistance based on household income. Learn more about Progenity Cares to see if you qualify.

We've got you covered.

Healthcare billing is complicated. We’re here to help. Call us at 855-293-2639, option 4.

Pay Bill

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept all types of insurance. We are a participating provider with many major health plans, state Medicaid programs, and Medicare. However, we may not be an in-network provider for your health plan. To find out, view our in-network health plans or call us at +1 855-209-1228.

After the tests selected by your healthcare provider have been completed, you may receive a document from your health plan called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB is not a bill. It summarizes the status of our claim to your health plan and describes what the insurance company perceives your responsibility to be. This can change over weeks or months as we submit for payment from the insurer. If you have questions regarding the amounts shown on your EOB, please call us at +1 855-209-1228.

Your health plan may need to know the Current Procedural Terminology, or CPT, code for a test to determine your coverage. Click here for a list of CPT codes for the tests that Progenity performs. Be sure to check with your healthcare provider to confirm the test that he or she will order.

In some cases, the health plan may send reimbursement directly to the patient, instead of to Progenity. If you do receive a check from your health plan for our laboratory services, please call us at 855-293-2639, option 4, for instructions on how to forward the payment.

If you need to mail a payment to Progenity, please send it to:
Progenity, Inc.
PO Box 674425
Detroit, MI 48267-4425