Clinical Publications

Clinical Publications

Progenity conducts and publishes ongoing research, to encourage open sharing of ideas and information that can lead to better patient care.

Ingestible capsule that analyzes intestinal fluid in real time is as accurate, faster, and less invasive compared to the current clinical standard.

Current diagnostic methods for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) can be invasive, costly, or unreliable. A novel ingestible capsule shows promise as a preferred tool for SIBO diagnosis.

Our ingestible technologies show promising results that could transform clinical diagnostics and therapeutics for GI disease. Read more about the difficulties in diagnosing GI disease and how our technology is an expected solution.

At Digestive Disease Week® 2019 in San Diego, we presented results from three proof-of-concept studies that represent potential breakthrough systems for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring digestive diseases through ingestible technologies.