Lisa McDaniel headshot

Lisa McDaniel, PhD, FACMG

Senior Laboratory Director

Lisa McDaniel, PhD is Senior Laboratory Director at Progenity, Inc. Her current responsibilities include analysis and reporting of patient results, development of processes to ensure accurate results and improve test performance and working with R&D to introduce and validate new assays. She has more than 30 years of experience in molecular genetics and is board certified in Clinical Molecular Genetics.

Dr. McDaniel was previously Laboratory Director at Signature Genomic Laboratories, working with constitutional microarrays, developing targeted cancer microarrays, as well as molecular assays. Dr. McDaniel also worked at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas where she was a lecturer and an assistant professor working on mapping human disease genes and mouse models for xeroderma pigmentosum, Cockayne syndrome, Roberts syndrome, Bloom syndrome and other disorders. Dr. McDaniel holds a bachelor's degree and a PhD in Genetics from the University of California at Davis. She completed a fellowship at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Maryland at Baltimore Medical Center.